Anemoni Villas Protaras - CYPRUS


Who we are

Our company is a small family business that owns four relaxation luxury villas with family bedrooms at ANEMONI complex in the heart of Protaras-Cyprus.


How we got started


Fabulous, modern designed, fully equipped villas with private pool and roof terrace developed in 2015, under the personal supervision of the emigrant father, as soon as he retired. He was desiring to create the perfect getaway choice for his children with their families, but he succeeded in transmigrating them love for his birthplace. Making one step further, the father with his children developed a short term rental company to offer high standard holidays for families or large groups and wide spreading love for Protaras!


We have walked in our guests’ shoes and that fulfills us with understanding of their needs”, his son said.


Our mission


To offer our guests the luxury and comfort of a 4* hotel combined with the privacy and warmth of a home for unforgettable holidays in a magnificent location at Protaras-Cyprus.

Our vision


To provide responsibly high quality accommodation for families with children of all ages or large groups, considering cleaning standards and providing all modern conveniences. We make sure that during their staying, our guests, have the first taste of Cyprus' hospitality, called 'philoxenia'.


Our values


✔ Respond to our guests needs.

✔ Put our guests in focus.

✔ Focus on the quality of the services and products offered.

✔ Aim to render luxury holidays for families available.

✔ Behave in a responsible, respectful and humanitarian manner towards our employees, our guests, our colleagues and local community.

✔ Constantly evaluating and improving our services.


Anemoni villas

Anemoni 9 

Anemoni 10 

Anemoni 11 

Anemoni 12 

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Anemoni Villa 14

Anemoni 14





Sunflower Villa